Cazzie Byrne

Cazzie 'Queen of hair ups'! With an international profile, Cazzie has a unique blend of education and her fantastic ability to make even the most complex hairstyle look easy.

With a career spanning many years, her enthusiasm for her work is stronger than ever and she spends much of her time on the salon floor – cutting, styling and creating beautiful hair styles. When she’s not on the shop floor, she’s often with her family, including Maude, her beloved dog.

Cazzie's creative streak doesn’t stop at hairdressing, in her spare time she's baking, icing and designing beautiful cakes for friends and family.

With such a busy lifestyle you’d think she would put her feet up once in a while, but not Cazzie! She is constantly researching new techniques on her ipad; many of which end up being demonstrated within training nights. Cazzie has also obtained her assessors qualification which is a fantastic benefit to the trainees. Being so patient and helpful, the team find it easy to learn from Cazzie and she always has timw for her team!